Messaging only for Two People. 

discreet and temporary.

Only for two people 

A simple messaing app which connects you direct to the person of your choice.

Dissapearing messages controlled by the sender.

Be discreet: Change the notification banner on your friends device.

Write whatever you want.

Change the notification sound on your friends phone to whatever you want!

One message you could send with a sound which is the same as a work email, the next with something loud and unmissable! The last without a tone as they are sleeping… well, with Two you can choose the sound your friend will hear on receiving each individual message.

I want your attention sound…

Sad sound

Funny sound

Discreet tone

Messaging for Two people

Chatting is of a temporary nature, use Two to have fun saying things in the heat of the moment... knowing the message won't last, unless you want it to.

1. You can only have ONE friend.

2. The sender takes control: shifting the decision of what happens to the message to the person who sent it.

3. And the best news, Two is free to download and message:)


Need a special app just to talk to one member of your family?


Amazing for all different types of friends

Work Colleagues

Discreet work relationships

Any Two

Fantastic for a any type of Two people!

Tired of sending a personal message to the wrong person??

Have you ever sent a message to the wrong person? Have you sent that “I love you” message to a work colleague by mistake? At least you are safe in the knowlege that when you send a message with our app it will only be recieved by your one and only friend you made friends with.

Temporary messages for any type of Two people 

A private messaging service between Two people. The sender can send text, pictures and videos with the security of knowing when the original message has been deleted from the app on their device it is also deleted from the app on all devices it was sent to and our database.

Plain and simple

If the sender intends to send a lasting text: Use the “∞” sign on the left of the send button and the text will not disappear within a time frame.

Use “∞" with a picture and you're allowing your recipient to save the picture.

Choose a length of time for the message to disappear

If you don’t want the message to last, the sender can send text, pictures or video that can last from 0.5 to 90 seconds and a fire symbol appears to signify that it will disappear.

After the time is up the message will be deleted from the app on all devices and our database.

Be Quick!

The time starts counting down when your recipient taps to reveal the message.

The receiver is not allowed to save a disappearing picture to their photos.

Change the total number of messages to save...

Do you want to treasure all the messages you have together... then increase the total amount of messages to save to the maximum allowed.

Maybe you want you and your friend only to be able to save the last read message… or want all of them to disappear after an amount of time?? Then reduce the total amount of messages to save to a minimum and send dissappearing messages only.

You have the choice, but remember; the total message amount is a joint decision!!

Take control

Why does the person receiving the message get all the control, keep it with the sender. The sender chooses the sound for the receiver to hear, chooses the notification banner, how long the messages lasts, whether the picture can be saved and more.

100% erased for our database

When a message is deleted from your device, then it will be deleted on the app of your friends device and our database.

Unique Styles

Choose your style of how you want to use Two.


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