Upgrades available for Two.

The app is free to download, sign up, make friends and have disappearing chats using text, photos and video…. If this is not enough you can upgrade for the lowest price tier available for an app and get all of the following features:

Personalised Notifications

You can send personalised notifications to your friend. 

Be Loud: Tell them you love them before they’ve even opened the app!

Be discreet: Make it look like you are sending an email from work.

Send different alert tones every time you send a message.

You want to be subtle: send them a quiet tone… you want to be loud - send them something they can’t ignore!

Change the pre tap bubble

Messages need to be tapped on before the are read, send your friend a cryptic message to read before they’ve opened the message!

Remove adverts, save pictures and change the number of messages saved.

There is an offer to unlock all features of the app for the lowest price tier possible in the first week after downloading the app. Then you can remove the small ad banner from the top of the screen, save pictures that are sent to you with an “∞” symbol and change the total amount of messages saved between you and your friend. Want to save 0 messages? Then set the total number of messages to save to 1 and only send dissapearing messages and they all will disappear after they have been tapped on and the time elapses!


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